Be Expatrié.<br> Wherever you are.

With an open heart, wherever you are.

Home is where you are. With Expatrié you are not tied to styles or places. You live what is right for you - no matter where. This is what we stand for with Expatrié, because we connect attitudes towards life. The feminine charm and savoir-vivre of France with the Nordic elegance of Hamburg. For us and for all of you who experience the world with open eyes and an open heart.

Exclusive and simply elegant

With Expatrié we make high-quality and vegan bags and backpacks affordable, because style and good design should be free and carefree - and not a question of price. We are PETA-Approved Vegan certified. Because we deliberately have our products made from animal-free artificial leather, which comes close to real leather both visually and haptically. We only use fabrics that are easy to care for, have a high-quality, robust finish and - most importantly - are comfortable to wear.

Timelessly reliable

Our bags and backpacks are designed in Hamburg, deliberately timeless, because at Expatrié we believe in the power of reliable companions. Both for our customers and for our partners in production. We work exclusively with specialized manufacturers with many years of experience, with whom we have maintained close and friendly relationships over many years - this is the only way we can grow together. This is the only way we can constantly increase our expatrié quality and meet our own standards - whether in terms of materials and workmanship or our positive footprint in terms of environmental friendliness.

Be Expatrié. Wherever you are.